Linux Asia 2004

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Linux Asia 2004 Program Highlights


For IT entrepreneurs, top industry executives, and government leaders

  • Enterprise Track : Top Industry Executives
  • Entrepreneur's Track : IT Entrepreneurs
  • Social Track : Government & Education


Enterprise Track : Top Industry Executives

Decision makers from all enterprise levels will get first-hand reports and demonstrations of the benefits of adopting open source.

Topics include:

  • Benefits of open source
  • Is adoption of open source only a question of "cost"?
  • Case studies of enterprises from India and abroad
  • Strategies for migration
  • The impact of anti-piracy drives

Entrepreneur's Track : IT Entrepreneurs

A track exclusively for IT entrepreneurs to prepare leaders for the new business opportunities in the open source market.

Topics include:

  • Revenue models
  • Case studies of successful firms
  • Changes needed in organisational culture
  • The new roles of the trade channel

Social Track : Government & Education

A track for the social implications of open source and its promise for e-governance, education and accessibility.

Topics include:

  • Should a government take a stand towards open source?
  • Why are governments across the world adopting open source?
  • Case studies of e-governance initiatives from India and abroad
  • How can educational institutes benefit from open source?

Technology Workshops

Listen to and learn from the experts and OSS gurus on the latest technology trends and developments.

  • Software Development
  • System Administration


A network of 80-100 PCs will demonstrate key aspects of Linux and open source applications


The perfect venue for leading firms to show off their products, services and solutions

  • Target top-level, enterprise decision makers
  • Indoor and outdoor booths
  • All booths available under 'shell space' system

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